The Best Medical Billing Company, Period.

Maximize Reimbursements

Need increased revenue?

Payers are constantly changing the rules to make it more difficult to obtain your contracted reimbursement. In addition, patient financial responsibility continues to increase significantly. We are continuously updating our technology and best practices to improve reimbursements from payers and patients and directly affect your bottom line.

Accelerate Cash Flow

Need to speed up your cash?

It’s been said that cash flow is king. We put relentless focus on driving cash flow to your practice as quickly as possible. With an industry leading first pass claims payment rate coupled with a keen spotlight on tracking key financial performance indicators, your bottom line will improve significantly.

Increased Efficiency

Need more from your time?

If you are like most practices, you are under staffed and over worked. Our technology and best practice approach will significantly increase your staff’s efficiency and give them more time to focus on what really matters, patient care and patient outcomes.

Business Management

Need solution based reports?

Obtaining a clear understanding of the financial health of your practice can be a daunting task. We provide robust, and easy-to-use, business reporting and financial informatics to turn your data into usable information to put you in complete control of your bottom line management.